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Re: Surprise, Planned or Rainbow Baby?

New here!

This babe is planned and rainbow, I suppose.

Married 14 years now, together 17 (since I was 17)! But we always planned on waiting a while... my parents waited 10 years after marrying young, so I guess that was the norm for me.

Very lucky not to get pregnant all those years I didn't want to, and to get pregnant as soon as I did want to (on our very first try in February). Sadly, that pregnancy didn't stick-- I miscarried at 10 weeks. It was quite tough, but I had a very prophetic dream that has come true so far-- right before I lost the baby, I dreamed I would lose it, but get pregnant again within 6 weeks-- and that baby would be perfectly healthy and look like DH. So far, amazing true-- I tried again right away and conceived 5 weeks and 6 days after I stopped bleeding from the m/c.

Knock wood, this pregnancy has progressed in a textbook fashion. We're thrilled, and though the m/c was very hard and still causes me rare bout of anxiety, it also brought DH and me even closer together, so I guess it was in God's plan for us.
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