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Re: Getting baby to nap

I have a 2 year old and a 2 month old. Granted, the 2 month old can sleep through a lot right now, but I do have my 2 year old play in her room (which is right next to where the baby sleeps) during one of his nap times to give me a break, and she hasn't woken him up yet. I turn on music for DD, give her some non-noisy toys to play with, and let her play with her dolls and clothes (she loves to dress herself). Sometimes she will get upset and loud, and sometimes she will bang things around or slam her door, making a lot of noise, but I have worked on teaching her not to do these things (and going to check on her when she gets upset). I give specific guidelines when I leave the room, go to her to tell her not to be as noisy if she gets too loud (often she doesn't realize she is doing it), and reward her at the end (she loves raisins) for playing nicely by herself. My DD is a VERY active, stubborn, spirited child, yet over the course of a few weeks of teaching her how to play in her room quietly, she now does a really good job! Maybe something would work like this for your DD1? I also have white noise in the baby's room, and I'm sure that helps him.

If DH isn't home, I will also have DD play in her room just during the times when I am putting the baby down, so she is in her room several times in a day but only once for a longer period. I know if I were to put her in there too much, she wouldn't play quietly very well and would get annoyed.
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