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Re: What is your biggest to do before your lo arrives?

Establish our new business! It doesn't have to be bringing in big dough by March, but it does have to be doing okay and chugging along well enough for DH to quit his job and come work for (uh, with) me. I have a clothing resale business that does reasonably well (and we could actually scrape by with just that, though it wouldn't be ideal), but we are trying to get into importing jewelry and eventually "natural"/AP baby and kid clothes.

That's the HUGE one.

Next up, I'd like to finish my screenplay and maybe another one... That's further along. I just want some writing momentum.

As far as the more directly-baby-oriented, I feel reeeeeasonably well-prepared considering this is our first, though I need to brush up again on the CDing, babywearing, bfing, etc. info I have already learned, and maybe hook up with local parents in person who do those things for some more live demos and Q&A.

And even though we are not having a nursery, live in a small home and are somewhat minimalist, I also need to at least make/plan some space for baby things in our bedroom and storage areas.
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