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Re: Moving to the UK

Originally Posted by Fairycat View Post
I disagree for at least the UK. We were done with nappies by the time we got here, but the local shops near me have some really great looking nappies for around 10GBP some cheaper and some more expensive off course. They seem in line with American nappies. I was wishing I have seen these nappies earlier, they had a lot of what I loved about the super expensive Ragababe, but way cheaper, even with the exchange rate. they are made in the EU too.
Uk may be an exception, I know many people here order from the UK but for instance a flip organic is 10 euro here, once you convert that its over times more then cotton babies listed price.Cotton babies refuses to ship to europe actually no US seller is allowed, you have no choice but used private sales in the US or exorbanent ptices in GErmany.

Here flats and wool are the norm, those you find cheap. I have never seen anything else. Some online shops do exist but are prices are still 2x higher then the US, and even if from the UK marked up.

That said I only know the exoeriences of inland europeans-austra, france, germany ect, so UK may be a step ahead of the bunch, hopefully we catch up.

But if you want wool GErmany is the place to look, reversed situation disana costs us 13,45 new US shope charge 30. Everyone wants to make money where they can.
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