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Onesies/One Pieces vs. T Shirts for EC?

So, I'm planning on full-time ECing my babe from birth (~March). The current plan is for DH and I to be dual WAHP-- so it might be more accurate to say that DH will be ECing, especially at first, when I'm bfing round-the-clock.

This will be our first, so I'm stocking up on baby clothes. When researching and reading about EC, I tucked away the idea that it's easier to buy shirts (or cut off onesies) than have the babe wear one-pieces. But of course it's sooooo much easier to find onesies than shirts (below 2T), and even though I don't MIND cutting onesies off, I'd prefer not to.

What say you? What do you use on your infants?

Why are shirts easier, again? And how MUCH easier?

Is this more of an issue with diaper-free time, or is it always significantly easier to have the babe in shirts?

I can see where it's nice not to have an extra step (unsnapping) when removing a diaper so frequently. But how big a deal is it? And for diaper-free time, is it an issue of babe peeing on the onesie, or an issue of babe feeling something on his/her bum?

I'm a bit fuzzy on this now and would appreciate your thoughts!
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