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Re: Mother's Milk Tea, and healthy foods/snacks while nursing?

Originally Posted by AnimalHouse View Post
mama, I ended up EPing for DS1 and DS2 because their latches were so bad. Nothing is worse than a bad latch! But a bad latch can cause supply problems - baby isn't getting the milk efficiently. Personally, I would save the money and put it towards seeing a lactation consultant after delivery. Or better yet, save the money completely and go to a (free!) LLL meeting .
Ouch...I feel your pain, and I'm so sorry you had to deal with that! I absolutely do want to see a lactation consultant, whether it seems like I'm having any problems or not, just so I can hopefully get started out on the right foot! I'll have to see how it works at this hospital, my hospital with DD1 offered those services free for as long as you needed them. I also will definitely check out LLL, I've heard such good things about them, so I need to look up when/where their meetings are. Thanks!
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