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Originally Posted by EmpressPurl
Holy fart y'all have been chatty! I will catch up when I'm not on my phone. I gathered up tons to list on Spots so I guess I'll have to get pics and all that jazz...after a bit. Nope I don't procrastinate!

I've been knitting on the For the Boys sweater and planning holiday projects. Had to get some cotton-therapy yesterday to help make up for Ju's wool-hate. I'm feeling a lot better about it today...just don't know what to do with all the gorgeous wool I have sitting here. Huh.

I grabbed some 10.5 dpns and circs for my Phoebe's Sweater projects from ebay for $8! Great deal since my arthritic fingers prefer bamboo. I will either be starting Alma's Phoebe Sweater or some cotton denim My Keiki overalls next, whichever first- I have no idea!

Have to run...DH and kids are bi*ching about me being on my phone all morning. Hah!
Oohh I cant wait to see your wips of the phoebe sweater, I have the book but no girls to knit for lol

Originally Posted by HookedByCarolyn
Do not leave your knitting unattended!

Originally Posted by MrsStripe
Toys sorted. I should get rid of more, but want DH's input.

Now to knit. here's how far I got last night and I am alternating skeins.

I didn't see the longies carolyn till someone quoted them but they are amazing!!!!!!

And the owlie ones are great too!!

Originally Posted by HookedByCarolyn
Ugh! I absolutely hate when I'm doing a custom and I update every day, they respond every day, then I get the item finished and it's time to pay, and suddenly I get no response for 3-5 days! So far, in the 5 years I've been crocheting and knitting for others, I've never had anyone screw me over and not eventually pay. That's why I've left my policy of no payment until you've seen a picture if the finished product. I'm thinking I might change that now though.

Originally Posted by stevensmom
off to the pumpkin patch
We went last week and ds loved it, have fun!

Originally Posted by LadybugMonkey
OMG am I ever behind on here.

Carolyn, u love the longies, sorry the kids got into your knitting. I am thinking about modifying the Hudson hats this weekend. The kids love them but they aren't warm enough on cold days so I'm going to try to find a way to make and sew in a fleece torque.


I played trumpet when younger and was playing it a bit for the kids last weekend.

Okay I know I missed a ton! But I need to go pull the carrots from the ground while it's only a little frozen.
Oh thats a great idea about lining the hh with fleece!

Originally Posted by danigrace05
Still here. Can't keep anything down. Prayers please.

Originally Posted by ELC Knits
Ugh another day of vomitfest around here, so sick of being sick!!! At least Aubri took Ellie to the park for awhile, if only Braeden would want to lie down.
I hope everyone feels better soon
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