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Re: Thinking of getting DD evaluated for ADHD.

I didn't read all of the responses, but wanted to share my experience. DS was diagnosed with aspergers and ADHD at the age of 4. We had been dealing with a lot of issues with him before then. I started questioning the ped. when DS was 2 and it irritated DH. He kept saying I was looking for something to be wrong with him. We finally got an evaluation from a psychologist and get the diagnosis of aspergers and ADHD and it took him a little while but he finally accepted it.

With the med DS is on he's a totally different kid. He still has plenty of energy and some days still very hyper, but when he doesn't have it it's chaos. Yesterday I forgot to run by the pharmacy after work for his prescription and we were out of the pills so this morning after we all got up and got dressed we headed to town to get them. Dropped the Rx off and tried to get some shopping done and wait in line to get DS's hair cut. It was a no go. He wouldn't quit touching things and when I finally made him sit in a buggy he kept standing up and jumping around. He yells alot and has lots of breakdowns.

Try picking up the book The Out of Sync Child. I read it before DS was diagnosed and a lot of it fit with him when I read descriptions of the kids stories.

Hope you find something that works. If you have any questions or wanna chat, feel free to PM me.
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