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Re: Chat Thread ~ Oct 7th-13th

I definately havent had any cravings past "oh that sounds good" (which is totally normal for me). as far as aversions go... I cant eat conventional M&Ms to save my life! lol I'm certain its the dye in them as I often have problems with conventional foods due to my multiple sclerosis. I have always responded to things wierd! I havent tried organic M&Ms yet tho. but other chocolate doesnt bother me (even though I am allergic to it when my MS is flared bad lol, but i havent had a reaction to it since i was in high school) -did I mention that I react wierd to things?!? lol

I do have a craving to BUY SOME DIAPERS!!!!! I'm going crazy! I'm going to have to get the ones i do have out of the attic just to pet them to get a fix for the next 3 weeks and 3 days! (yes im counting!!) lol
hope everyone else is doing well!
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