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Re: What no one tells you about breastfeeding

My advice would be the same as everyone elses...except ALL of you (baby, you...your SO, etc) need to agree to give it like 2 weeks with support + assistance! You both need time to figure it out - plus some babies really have to build those jaw muscles up to nurse well - my girls would get tired and they don't have to 'work' for bottle milk.

DD#1 was EBF for 2 years. It was wonderful and she even weaned beautifully. But the first 2 weeks were HORRID! Engorgement, pain (as in bleeding, skin cracking, blisters), both of us crying at night in the living room so Daddy could sleep. We didn't know how to latch properly. It took 2 weeks for me to teach myself enough online + nipples getting used to it + Lanolin (Godsend!) to figure it all out. By the 3rd week, we had it down! No midnight bottles, no getting out of bed, no expensive formula - it was lovely! I learned to nurse in our ring sling so well, no one knew she was nursing!

My DD#2 is nearing 4 wks old. I did EXACTLY the same 2-wk nonsense! It was made worse this time due to c-section pain, letting the hospital ped. scaring us because DD lost 10% of her birth weight, giving her bottled formula because they had to give me a strong diuretic and that was all on TOP of the same stuff I went through with DD#1!!

Thankfully, this time we DID see a great, inexpensive lactation nurse (IF your in Phx, AZ - check out Babymoon Inn's Wed Breastfeeding Support Group!). When we got DD latched and I could HEAR her swallowing (little, high pitched gulps) I started crying...I didn't realize how stressed/depressed I was getting. Also, my mom got me the Medela Pump-in-Style way earlier than I thought I would need it...well thank goodness she didn't listen to me! It has been great for engorgement, bottle feeding her my milk to give my nipples a few days to heal, starting frozen storage early and learning to use the thing well!

BTW: DD2 had bottles starting on day 5. She didn't have nipple confusion but it took her longer to work her muscles up to nursing well. It also made it psychologically harder on me when she would get fussy on breast. Took me a bit to realize I would want my milk the easy way too! She only had bottles for 7 days, weaning them down by the 3rd day and now she nurses like a champ at 3wks+5days.
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