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Re: less then 2 months in

Originally Posted by jbug_4 View Post
I am just complaining because I hate selling stuff- I understand completely. And I don't know too many people who use the kids' cuteness. Everyone I know sells the stuff not their kids. I just put a post on Facebook saying we were selling magazines for her school and let me know if someone wanted to order. Then sent grandma an email since she subscribes to about 10 mags, figured we could get her before she renewed then this year. Then dh and I both want 1 each. We should get enough to get the first level prize. That is my biggest problem with it- the guy (who is not school staff) got them all excited about the prizes. It didn't really occur to me that we might end up with more fund raisers because we chose the school, but as soon as we got the second one it hit me.
Yeah me too! I'm not a salesmen at all! I and a couple of my close friends will buy from my son. But man am I impressed with some of the orders that come back!
I must say though that the fundraisers we do, the people don't come and hype the prizes. We just pass out the info to the teachers and they pass out the packets to send home. The kiddos can read about the prizes in there in a "non-getting riled up way"
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Selling girl scout cookies does not count as a fundraiser. Its a public service lol

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