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Re: What were your medical reasons for circumcising?

Originally Posted by DesertRat View Post
But how is circumcising a child who isn't yet retractable considered "medically beneficial?" If the foreskin doesn't retract (aka: it's still attached to the head of the penis) there's nothing in there that needs to be cleaned. Circumcising a boy who can't retract doesn't provide any benefits at all. They're just cutting it off because they think something is wrong when a child can't retract, when studies show that's totally normal development.

And this is the point I try to make most often when talking about circumcision. The foreskin is not expendable. It serves a very important function. I highly recommend googling "function of the foreskin" and doing some research. Not only does it offer protection, but it's role during s3x is rather interesting, IMO. It's not extra skin. It's there for a reason. And I think a whole generation of us have been duped into believing that it is just pointless extra skin. When you hear a pro-circ doctor talk about the pros and cons and circumcision, they NEVER mention what the foreskin does. And by doing that, we all assume it does nothing besides contribute to UTIs, cancer and STDs.
I don't think you are understanding my point. My point was that I think people who live in certain areas have certain believes and those beliefs affect what they feel is fact. So doctors who grow up on areas with very high circ rates may be more willing to circ and more willing to call something necessary, when it may or may not be necessary. I did not mean circing someone is medically beneficial if they cannot retract by a certain age. I was not even talking about a particular medical issue.

I said "we" as in this society. And we (society) does mostly feel that it is expendable, otherwise we wouldnt allow circing. I didnt say it was a useless piece of skin.

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