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Re: WWYD (sensitive topic, bullying and more)

Originally Posted by Celeste View Post
I also am thinking that this is a good lesson in 1.) treating others how you want to be treated (not bullying and humiliating that he knows how it feels), and 2.) finishing what you start (the football season1), even if it isn't as fun as you thought it would be. I don't think he's too young for those lessons. And the latter applies to many situations in life that he may be facing soon (like in a job or volunteer position.)
I agree with this post and the others before yours. If this had been my daughter I think my response would have been along with lines of "Don't come crying to me." When I was in high school and in JROTC (fantastic program BTW!), if we messed up either in school (behavior or grade problems) or at practice for the drill team, we spent plenty of time doing pushups or running laps on the track at high port (carrying a heavy drill team rifle overhead) in full view of everyone else on the team as well as any other teams or the band that may have been practicing at the time. Sgt. E didn't allow any outright bullying or mocking by other team members, and that's because they knew they could be next, LOL! It's VERY effective discipline and character building IF (and only if) it's done right.

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