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Re: WWYD (sensitive topic, bullying and more)

I would find out more.

This is coming from a former coach and a wife of a former college coach.

I do not think it is right to isolate children that being said--

If your son is acting up in school and on the bus is there a possibility that he is acting up at practice too?

If a coach has a team full of kids and it is his job to teach them and with football his job to make sure they stay safe during their time with him then if there is a discipline problem then I think it is reason for punishment.

Do not want flames here just throwing out a different opinion and not sure what the proper punishment is. But if your son is acting out in all other areas I would make sure that he was not acting out at practice first before going to the coaches boss I would got to the coach first.

I would set up a meeting with the coach with your son and your dh and find out all the answers.

If you are not satisified then go to the Athletic Director (if the school has one) and then last resort principal.

Just editted to add I am not agreeing with this coaches form of discipline. And that if your son is not telling you these things happened is there a possibility he is not telling you more?

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