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Re: less then 2 months in

Is there a Council you can get involved in? Our Council helps regulate what the school does as fundraisers and charities. Now, our school does a lot, but more than half are charity things, vs raising money for the school. At the beginning of the year, Council sends out a letter with all the proposed fundraisers and the months they will start in, as we try to make sure nothing is overlapping. We stress in the letter that each family has to pick and choose what (if any) fundraising opportunities they will take part in. It helps a lot, because if there is a charity or fundraiser that is useful or near or dear to your family, you can save your resources for that. At this point in the game, three kids in school, my kiddos know we cannot possibly come close to participating in everything, so we pick and choose.

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Thin mints. Must have thin mints. And Somoas!
Mmmmm.... For Thin Mints only, I miss being a GG leader. DS came home on Friday and said someone in his class was selling them, andcould he have money. Yes, sir, you can!!!! But the cookies come home to mama! We only get the sandwich style and the Thin Mints in Canada, though, you lucky Americans and your Somoas.
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