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Re: Normal pregnancy symptoms?

Originally Posted by keen1981 View Post
It's likely just hormonal. This baby has been Nothing like my other three. NOTHING.

And I have hashimotos

It's also unlikely that your thyroid is so far out of whack it would cause a loss, and you just find out now. Not saying it couldn't happen, but really it's unlikely.

Call on Monday and ask for your levels to be checked if you are concerned, which you are.

I am, however, hypoglycemic with this baby. And that could be most of issues. I must eat well, and eat at intervals
Thanks for that. I hadn't thought about my thyroid, but now I'm genuinly concerned. And yeah, I would imagine if that was really the problem (or it was THAT bad) that I would have noticed symptoms before I got pregnant. And not only that, but if thyroid problems can cause a loss, I would think that the doctors would automatically check this level when women come in pregnant.
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