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Re: Anyone started their diaper stash yet?

Originally Posted by iblindsey View Post
I'm new to Diaper Swappers and actually only decided to CD about a month ago.i don't have any cloth diapers yet, and I'm starting to feel a little nervous. I thought I should wait bc my friends are throwing a diaper shower for me in 2 wks. I registered for the CDs I'd like to get but I'm worried everyone will just bring disposables bc that's what most ppl are familiar with. Anyone had a diaper shower for CDs?
I just had my shower today (just a general shower) and even though I told everyone I was cloth diapering, I still got some disposables. I just said I'd use them for travel, I figured that was the courteous thing to do. I think people just can't understand not wanting disposables. I registered on Amazon for covers and some cloth diapers, figuring people could access that pretty easily, but no one did for CDs (but we did get a few of the other items from Amazon). I kinda figured no one would buy me cloth diapering stuff, so I've just shopped for used stuff on here and on craigslist. If you don't get what you want at your shower, just stock up on the stuff you'll need in the beginning (I've got NB and the next size up purchased or planned), in a few different styles and brands, then once you figure out what you like best, you can shop for the next size up or one size stuff.

BTW - I highly recommend the website to look at reviews of different diapers. I'm picky and only getting stuff that is rated really highly. I figure if I'm gonna do this, I'm gonna do it right.
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