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Re: What were your medical reasons for circumcising?

Originally Posted by *Peanut* View Post
I don't think you are understanding my point. My point was that I think people who live in certain areas have certain believes and those beliefs affect what they feel is fact. So doctors who grow up on areas with very high circ rates may be more willing to circ and more willing to call something necessary, when it may or may not be necessary. I did not mean circing someone is medically beneficial if they cannot retract by a certain age. I was not even talking about a particular medical issue.

I said "we" as in this society. And we (society) does mostly feel that it is expendable, otherwise we wouldnt allow circing. I didnt say it was a useless piece of skin.
Sorry if I misunderstood your point. And that's true about doctors. I know not all doctors are like this, but I think in general U.S. doctors are ignorant about foreskins and proper care. (though hopefully that's changing) But I think it's unfortunate that their ignorance means many men and boys will be put through unnecessary circumcisions because they would rather cut it off than treat the problem.

When the pediatrician told me my 4 year old would have to circumcised, she was threatening me because I told her not to retract him during his well-child visit. She told me she had a 10 year patient "who had to be circumcised because he couldn't retract." This was before I read those studies about normal retraction, otherwise I would have laid into her. I just asked her stop and we switched doctors because she made me so angry. I couldn't believe how rude and condescending she got. But it really makes me sad that this 10 year old patient of hers went through an unnecessary surgery. (assuming there were no other issues, but that's all she mentioned) It's because of that experience that I tell other moms with intact babies about these studies and that they need to stand up for their kids if a doctor suggests circumcision for a problem that could be treated another way.

Because of the ignorance of doctors, I don't think it's enough to just leave your baby intact. We need to be very well informed, and willing to speak up or get a 2nd opinion when something doesn't sound/feel right.
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