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Re: What foods when?

Originally Posted by mrspnut82 View Post
I do Baby Led Weaning starting at 6 months. I give them everything. The only thing Caleb didn't get right away was peanut butter but he's 8 months now and has had it already. He won't have honey for a while but everything else is on the menu. Anything we eat unless it's really spicy or I'm not eating something I should (unhealthy lol) then I'll just grab bits and pieces of stuff out of the fridge for him. Strips of raw veggies and fruits, left over dinner. He loves meat and has had it since right away. So basically no schedule, just dove right into everything. We don't have allergies so it has never been an issue.

How did you introduce meats? We tried beef/beef broth tonight and she HATED it. Should I mix it with her veggies that she likes?
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