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Re: WWYD (sensitive topic, bullying and more)

Originally Posted by Celeste View Post
Also, even if op's son is playing rec ball, often the coaches require the players to take a note to their teachers, so the coach and teachers can work together if there are problems at school, like missing schoolwork or bad behavior. I remember getting notes from rec coaches when I was teaching. So it's possible that op's son is getting punished in practice for his behavior at school to send the message that the adults in his life are working together to make him the best he can be. Just a thought.
In my area we dont do this type of stuff. I am a teacher and I would never tell a kid they couldnt play a rec sport for many reasons. The biggest one being that we make these kids sit in a building for so many hours with minimal down time that sometimes sports are all they have to let out the frustration.
He is 13 and if it was high school I would get it, but we can all attest to the fact that we know of schools that allow the players to act however they want and not get in trouble there is always a bad crop and a good crop who dont allow such things.
I guess I find this interesting because I have read so many times on here that hitting a child is bad and it teaches a child to hit back and it causes them humiliation. So how is this any different? He was humiliating another child (its wrong and I totally get that and I would be livid to find out my son ever did such a thing) but then we allow a grown adult to do the same thing because it is sports and they carry the title of Coach?? Using the same argument I have seen here many times, it wrong no matter the age. I would think that with the Coach being in a position of power and humiliating this boy that he would being to think it is still acceptable and continue doing so just trying to get smoother about it and keeping under the radar.
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