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Re: less then 2 months in

Since school started 6 weeks ago we have had 2 different book orders come home (scholastics), a school shirt fundraiser, a fund raiser for a school ipad lab where each family was supposed to provide 5 or more names and addresses of people the school could send out letters to asking for money, then a flyer came home asking for a book of stamps per family to mail out the fundraising letters, a fundraiser for the pta, 10 dollars for class parties this year, 15 dollars for a school wide movie day to go see a special early screening of Wreck it Ralph, a BJ's warehouse club membership fundraiser. And I am sure there are a few others I am forgetting. So much for public school being "free". I have used more checks out of my checkbook in the last 6 weeks than I have in the last 6 months.
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