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Originally Posted by photocat
You gals are funny with all the poas talk. I have never poas until af was late, before ttc this time round, it just never really occurred to me to do so. And the darn things are so expensive here, chemist or supermarket for about $20 for two, I think they are FRER.
And I get so nervous when I go to poa opk, I cannot imagine doing it every day several times a day for an hpt. I would be a complete wreck! If I was a poas addict, I'd have to hide it from dh for sure, he would never understand. 'Cos if they were cheap and readily available, I would be probably persuade myself to do it, nervous or not.

Even going to FF to enter my temp makes me slightly anxious, I just wanna see goodness, ya know? The perfect chart! But I need to remember no matter what numbers I enter on there, there is zero I can do to change things at this point in my cycle. Deep breath.....

So, my chart is showing a definite dip, down yesterday and down again today at 6 dpo.

Question: when your temp drops before af, how soon before af arrives does it drop? I'm on cd 20 and have been getting 26 day cycles of late, hoping for a longer cycle this time because I think I O'd later than usual. Or, maybe that is when I always O but because I haven't been charting, I wasn't aware of it.

Arghh, anxiety anyone? We are at about 14 months ttc and the clock is ticking!

Edit: chart link is the C at the end of the top line of my siggy.
Also, those HPTs call to me. They whisper at me and tell me sweet littles lies....they say, "peeeee on me.....peeee on me, I could be positive at 7dpo......peeeee!" I know that they are lying to me, but I just can't help myself. . It's an illness.
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