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Didn't read anyone else's responses, so just responding to you. :-)

I had DS by cs after an induction and 5 hrs of pushing. He was 10lbs 12oz and had his head cocked to the side with his ear to his shoulder (acynclitic presentation, widest possible diameter), and I had a still mostly intact hymen (it's a mystery to me how!)

DD was born at home - a vbac - after a textbook perfect homebirth. Literally the best thing I could have ever imagined! She was 9lbs 15oz. No complications.

My recovery after both births felt the same. It was rough and I had rough ppd and a rough start nursing with both.

If/when we have a third I feel torn about what we will do. After having my "dream vbac" I realized the actual delivery doesn't mean anything to me compared to how much I love my babies. :-) I love them both exactly the same! And I can see the courageous effort I put into both deliveries.

I'm not comfortable homebirthing again, bc my babies are so big. After having the perfect homebirth and holding my baby in my arms I was really struck by how much I was risking by doing all of this away from emergency care. Especially bc of their size and body shape. They both had wider chests/torsos than heads - by an entire inch (the head is supposed to be the widest part) and babies with that body type are the ones with the worst outcomes in the RARE cases of true shoulder dystocia.

The statistics are largely in favor of a safe delivery, for sure. But when I held my little girl for the first time I finally saw her as MY little girl and not a statistic.

The thought of attempting a hospital vbac (even after a successful hbac) is a little scary to me, so I'm open to scheduling a repeat cs, especially bc we know a third baby would be our last and the main risks of repeat cesareans are to future pregnancies (and to mom).

Those are mythoughts.
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