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Re: Gemini or Beco Butterfly II???

My LO is only 4 months old but I love my Beco Gemini - way more comfortable than the BBII! Before I tried the Gemini, I tried the Ergo, BBII, and Boba 3G - I didn't like any of them.

My problem with the BBII was that it was so fiddly to put on and I hated the internal panel. I don't even remember what all the straps were but I felt like there were a million steps to put it on! I also didn't find the back carry to be easy at all... I didn't like the way you have to put the baby on in the front and then slide them around to the back...

I love the Gemini because it is much more streamlined (both in how it looks and in how it works!)... I love the criss-crossing straps when you are doing the front carry. The carrier itself feels more lightweight even though the body is padded. I thought those straps for the head support were weird at first too, I thought they would drive me crazy flopping all over the place, but I don't even notice them now... and you can tuck them under the headrest when you are not using it if they really bother you.
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