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Originally Posted by momgoddess
I definitely use the recommended amount of Tide, if not more. I mean, I'm washing poop and pee! I can't imagine diapers getting clean with only a couple tbsp of detergent. You know when Cotton Babies gives you a sample of BumGenius detergent with an order? Those teeny tiny little samples. I save up 4 or 5 of them before I use them in a load of diapers.
I use more than recommended amount of tide too. I use to the 2 line sometimes more if it's a bigger load. I use the tide original liquid. That's exactly the way I see it, I'm washing pee and poop. If you were to wash your clothes with pee and poop would you just use a couple tablespoons? Not me! I would use more! Lol. I have had stink problems when I didn't use enough detergent
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