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Re: Gymboree, Osh Kosh, Gap, etc

Originally Posted by kcassemom View Post
I watch for sales, use coupons, and buy used. My kids clothes are 80% gymboree, 10% crazy 8, 5% gap and 5% other.

Gymboree- I buy during sales and use coupons or gymbucks. Twice a year Gymboree has the red balloon sale. During that sale they have pants for as low as $3.99, jeans as low as $6.99 and most shirts around $3/$4. I also combine that with a 20% off coupon. Also this weekend Gymboree is having a 50% off the current clearance price of select items. A lot of it is summer items, so I bought about $300 worth for next summer for only $35 with my 20% off coupon on Friday . I also joined a couple of Facebook gymboree resell sites. If you watch for the auctions, you can get some good deals! (I got jeans for $5 plus ship during one!)

Gap- again watch for sales. They will run extra xx% off clearance sometimes or my store will match online sales.

Crazy 8- always has a great clearance section, and often has a 20% coupon out!
Yes to all of this! Gymboree is the greatest for cheap deals if you are willing to buy ahead. NEVER shop there without a coupon.

Also at Gymboree: Every year around the holidays (mid-December, I believe) they have had a sale where the entire store is $12.99 or less (which can be combined with a 20% off coupon.) That is a great time to get some winter coats and other more expensive items like dresses, sweaters, and jeans or pants. I think Crazy 8 does this sale too.

Then when your kids outgrow them, you can resell anything that has held up well. Super thrifty!
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