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Re: S/O Outdoor Play Structures, Yes or No?

I live in a small city that is pretty much lower income so we see a lot of stuff in ppls yards!! Can be somewhat compared to the Alaska jokes I have heard, about the blue tarp sheds! Well we have a blue trap shed! I have many plants that need protection, two that shouldn't be left out all winter but I am not bringing them in as they weigh a million lbs and we don't have that kinda room. My blue tarp "shed" is in the back of the house in the corner for no one to see.

But other neighbors forget they even have a grill cover and they go flying around the yards on windy days! The other day someone left a shopping cart out front? It is about half and half where some ppl pick up their yards and some don't. I like to keep things picked up and clean and we have a ton of toys! The smaller toys without wheels go in the small outdoor closet that houses the furnace. The ride ons go against the back of house on patio. Sand box goes right off patio on the grass, covered when not in use so cats don't pee in it We have a big step 2 climber in the back/side yard. I wash and hose it down daily! I may miss a day here and there but like to keep it clean. It is darker and hasn't faded like I have seen many lighter colored plastic climbers do? Maybe it is the brand? Oh and we just got another sand box, the turtle it was free so I just cleaned it up, but right now it is under the tarp helping to protect the plants!

I like to sweep and rake daily! My neighbors must think I am crazy bc they only do that stuff when they have too!!

I think if you have a ton of money you may find a yard full of toys tacky but most ppl would think "wow those kids have a lot of fun toys to play with"
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