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Re: Having difficulty weaning, emotionally.

Originally Posted by JKCCart View Post
16 months?! Great job mama! I think you should feel wonderful about how far you've gone! You should be able to still get pregnant while bfing a 16 month old, if you've already started your period, so you wouldn't HAVE to let that stop you. You may miss that bond, true, but you can still cuddle and read, cuddle and rock, cuddle and teach...etc.

All the best to you and your little man.

Thanks! I do feel really good about my first bf'ing experience, its been wonderful and I am very happy I made it this far (despite many comments and suggestions to stop). I will miss the bond but you're right, maybe I form it again in other ways. Since I've started my period now, I don't feel quite as rushed to stop.

Originally Posted by knodceo View Post
Me too on the guilt, but not because I want more!
Its a difficult feeling eh? Even though you know you've given your child one of the best starts by bf'ing.
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