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Re: Chat Thread ~ Oct 14th-20th

from last week's thread...

Originally Posted by RunawayBunny View Post
We are out of town for a good friend of DH's wedding! It is nice, but not what I wanted to do this weekend. It's also a very proper wedding and is making me kind of awkward. For example, its a no children allowed, destination wedding. They have hired babysitters which is thoughtful, but one of the moms has a young, exclusively nursing babe. They said she could bring the baby, but without telling her they hired a sitter to hold the baby in another room for the ceremony. The mom still doesnt know. Yeah, no way I would leave my four month old with a stranger. Anyway, rant over.
OMGosh. Seriously? And they didn't tell the mama?!
No flippin' way would I be going along with that. No way, no how. That is really rude and horrid of them to just do all that without parents' input.

Gosh. Man, this really makes me angry. Honestly.
You said it's a destination wedding - I assume that means the guests had to pay for getting there and whatnot? If I was this other mama, and they tried to force me into this sh!t with the sitter and baby, I'd be sending them a nice bill for a weekend wasted.

Sorry Seriously. ANGRY!

Originally Posted by bai18176 View Post
My strongest cravings were with my third, and I ate salt and vinegar Kettle brand potato chips like crazy! I paced myself to half a bag a day! I could have easily eaten a whole bag a day! I don't even like potato chips usually.
I stinkin' love those chips. Make my mouth raw as heck, but I love 'em!

Originally Posted by andrea020611 View Post
That is so nice of you! I'm in Ottawa so pretty close to the border, but not the same border that you are close to lol.
Nope, notsomuch!
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