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Re: Do you ever feel judged regarding not circumcising?

Originally Posted by crunch!910 View Post
In the area where I live, nurses frown upon not circumcising. With my oldest, a nurse told me it was cleaner and he wouldn't feel it. I asked the doctor, and she lied to me to that he wouldn't feel it. As far as that goes, I live in a high circ area and it might be different in other areas, but in my experience the majority of doctors and nurses do NOT stand up for baby's rights to genital integrity by trying to give accurate information. I was not judging you personally - there was no need to take that personal. Obviously if you refuse to participate in circumcision and try to give accurate information to parents you are doing all that you can do in an appropriate way in your professional setting.
I am not sure I took it personally (as in thought about it after I typed it out) but with all of the medical community bashing I read on DS, as an RN it is hard not to take some of these things personally. I believe I must live in a crunchier area of the US as I do not see most of what is claimed in these bashing MD/RN threads. In fact, I would say that the circ rate at our hospital is only about 30%- if that even.
I like to think of myself as a patient advocate and I am very big into patient safety. Therefore I like to give accurate, research based patient education so that they may make the best decisions for themselves. I do not push my views on others but if asked will absolutely share my story/opinions/beliefs. I truly believe that most of my co-workers do the same. I have a hard time believing that we are the only hospital in the entire US that works like this. (If we are, that is a sad state of affairs).
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