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I'm not weaning, and I can easily get pregnant while breast feeding. But I do have what I fully know is irrational guilt over the thought of dd weaning "early".

I want another but I have been putting off ttc because I feel like my supply will tank when I get pregnant.

DH is rushing me to be ready, and most of my friends that I talk to tell me that I giving her the gift of a sibling outweighs weaning "early".

My dd is nearly 14 months, so I know if she weaned because I was pregnant it wouldn't be particularly early. I nursed my oldest 38 months so I think if I don't nurse her as long I am somehow cheating her.

Logically, I agree, and I know she is healthy and that I did great giving her mama milk as long as I have. I also know that her weaning during pregnancy isn't guaranteed. But still, there is the guilt.

Sorry I don't have any advice for you, but I wanted to tell you that you aren't alone in the feelings of guilt.
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