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Re: TTC 30+ Oct. 8-Oct. 14

Originally Posted by TinaDeanette View Post
Why is my temp down again?
Weird, as of now your chart hasn't updated yet and is still showing Saturday as the last temp recorded... maybe it hasn't refreshed for others to view yet....

Originally Posted by mvp529 View Post

Gina, our charts look similar. Looks like we can be testing buddies.

SO AMAZING! I finally got my first positive OPK yesterday about 1pm. ( I know I said I was done with them) So went home after work dtd about 10pm and was woke up about 145 am with lower abdominal pain. I was anticipating Oing later in the day on CD14, but when I temped at 530 I had a great temp shift. So I am betting that I O'ed about 12 hrs after my pos-about 1am. It's just amazing how the body works. Our timing was excellent and I am feeling very good about this cycle.
Yay for good timing!!!

Originally Posted by carriek38 View Post
Hmph...line was lighter on my Answer hpt this morning, so presumably this is a chemical. I didn't even bother w/ pics b/c I had to squint so bad IRL. Anyway, I've got my beta tomorrow; if it's negative, they'll tell me to stop the Crinone & I'll get AF w/in a day or two. If by chance it's positive, I'll go in Wednesday or Thursday for another draw. I don't feel any different & I'm bummed, trying to figure out what to do next...One more IUI? Give up after that? Try IVF? I's tough to explain. Imagine if you were told you & your DH could DTD 6 times (not do it like bunnies for 6 cycles; you can go for it 6 times) & if you didn't get pg, you could give up or you could spend several thousand dollars on an unpleasant, invasive procedure that has, at best, about a 50% success rate; those are your only options...WWYD?
Hoping and praying that test you took just had less of the dye in it causing a lighter line... I have my fingers and toes crossed for you this cycle!
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