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Re: Acne during pregnancy

Benzoyl Peroxide is level C at high doses I believe but your body only absorbs a small amount of what you put on your skin and then you're only using it on a part of your body. It's been used for years and years with no reports of adverse reactions. Some women use it not even thinking that skin care products can be a problem. You could use it only on individual spots or every other night to be more cautious. Also, Salicyclic acid at or below 2% is safe. It's Salicyclic acid that's in asprin that you ingest that is not recommended as it can thin the blood. I used Salicyclic acid face wash (left it on for several mins in the shower) daily and benzyol peroxide a couple times a week while pregnant. I did a lot of research on both of them. Shampoo is probably more dangerous when pregnant than these products.
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