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Re: Abnormal utrasound findings

While I wouldn't worry too much about it in case the u/s was wrong, you may want to do a little research into clubfoot just in case it's right. Serial casting using the Ponseti method is the best way to treat club foot. They used to treat it with surgery, which isn't nearly as good because the scar tissue affects the function of the foot. And not all doctors who do serial casting do it well. So a little research would be worth it.

They say you should start casting as soon as possible while the feet are still very soft and moveable. DS got his first cast a 7 days old. I had called the Shriners hospital closest to us and informed them that my baby would be born with a clubfoot, so they had him on the list. And as soon as he was born and we had an "official" diagnosis, we did the rest of the paperwork. Some hospitals will have one day of the week designated for club feet. I think ours was Tuesdays, so we'd go down every Tuesday for another cast.

It was helpful for me to do some online research so I kind of knew what we were getting into. It makes me less nervous the more I know. I also made sure I took pictures the first few days before his casting started to remember his little crooked foot. When DS was 2 and 3 and starting to realize that not everyone wore orthopedic braces to bed, it was nice to go back and show him pictures and explain how his crooked foot got fixed so he could run and jump like all the other kids. And that wearing the braces would make sure his foot stayed really straight.
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