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Originally Posted by eguisgirl
I have 4 boys and none of them are circ'd. My oldest is almost 17 so that choice was made before it was more popular/accepted to not circ your child. I have never felt judged but then again, I don't tend to talk about my childrens' genitalia as everyday conversation.

Crunch910- you said something about nurses not protecting baby's genitalia and I have teo disagree with you. Most of the time when parents come in to the hospital to have their baby, the choice has already been made about what they are going to do. If it is not, I give information and educate but it is NOT the nurse's place to make that decision for the patient. It is our job to educate. If asked, I tell people whether or not we circ'd our boys and my reasonings. i have never participated in a circumsicion and would quit my job before that happened. So, please be thoughtful when you are throwing around your judgments about the medical community- we are not all created equal. Thanks.
None of the 4 times I was pregnant did any of the dr.'s or nurses EVER let me know that you didn't have to circ or give us the option. In fact at the birth classes we had to take with dd1 they never mentioned anything about non circ'ing or even what circ'ing is. In fact they sent around the consent forms and had all of us sign them even if we knew we were having a girl "just in case" it was a boy. Then it could be just taken care of and they wouldn't have to worry about the paperwork.
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