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Re: Do you ever feel judged regarding not circumcising?

Originally Posted by ajane View Post
Thankfully I found out there was a choice from being on here. I guess she has the attitude that a lot of people I noticed on this thread about "not my business". There are people who do appreciate learning and hearing about different ways.
When I was pg with DS1 I would have circ'd just because I thought that's what we were "supposed" to do. It was another parenting board where I first heard there was some controversy surrounding circumcision. Since I love a good debate, I spent the next few months researching all I could and ultimately decided not to do circ.

But looking back, it's frightening to me that I would have made the decision TO CIRC knowing as little as I did. Even DH (who initially insisted on circ'ing, but changed his mind) admits he didn't know what circumcision was exactly, other than that "something" was cut off. Yet, it was so "normal" for us, we would have consented to the procedure without thinking about it. I thank my lucky stars for online parenting debates that opened my eyes.

The few people I've talked to IRL about circ are genuinely curious about it. They did the same thing I almost did and circ'd because they thought that's what everyone was supposed to do.
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