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Re: Do you ever feel judged regarding not circumcising?

I have only read three pages but I have 2 cents to add.

My oldest DS is circumsized and my other two boys are not. My DH is also cut.

That being said, my oldest DS (14yo) was just in the hospital this week for a non-penis related matter and the intake nurse was asking all the usual questions and came to "Do you have a history of circumcision." He said, "No." He knew what she meant and he had no idea that he was. LOL He's seen the other two boys (obviously) and still didn't really think twice about the differences. Weird.

My first intact son is 8yo and aware that his penis doesn't look like dad's but nobody cares.

I have honestly NEVER had a conversation about circumcision with parents questioning my choice.

I saw someone ask about knowing someone that intends to circ - I've had one very discreet conversation with a friend who was expecting. I asked if she was interested in information. When she said she was open I sent her links to read with her and her husband. I left it at that. She later thanked me deeply for the information and they have decided to not circ any of their future children. My heart rejoiced!
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