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Re: Potential Risks Associated With Ultrasound And Doppler Use

I've always believed the less scans you do, the better for the baby, and have been upset that now they do so many sonograms. In my last pregnancy they did an early sonogram for dating purposes at around 7 wks, the 20 week sonogram, and 2 late trimester sonograms to check fluid and size of baby at 40 and 41 weeks. My Dr. made me feel as if I was possibly endangering my baby by not doing an sonogram and being obtuse by trying to refuse.

I'm curious how they followed up the left handed and brain damage correlation with sonograms. I know that lingering scans of the same area can over heat tissues, and that the baby will try to move away form being scanned during the procedure. It's curious to see how conventional science will overlook certain studies, simply because the baby isn't obviously deformed when born, when they can have a whole host of non-visible issues that only come to light many years down the road.
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