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Re: Onesies/One Pieces vs. T Shirts for EC?

I found shirt or gown better than onsies. Onesies drove me nuts! With a boy it is impossible to potty without hitting the onsie. Gowns can be hiked up to the chest and will stay (most times), or if you have a shirt that works perfectly. While doing EC we often had the baby with a cloth diaper/trainer or even naked but not at birth! Because wee ones can not hold it very long it is best to make everything as quick and simple to potty as possible. Even a few seconds can count. PLUS you don't wanna be messing with the onesie in the middle of the night, even if you leave them unsnapped they end up wet - either due to the prefold getting wet (with a boy) or a the boy hitting it while pottying. With boys you WILL have to aim their parts to make the pee go the right direction and you only have so many hands so ANYTHING in the way is a PITA

We didn't do alot of diaper free time, and when we did I prefered to see what was going on down there as boys tend to show signs down there b4 they pee too

There are some T-Shirt Gowns like at the EC and Contiuum store that we Loved
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