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Originally Posted by eguisgirl

Wow! Totally not how we do things. Even when I had my oldest at a different hospital, they did not give me a hard time about not circ'ing him. That was almost 17 years ago! They also showed a VERY graphic video at our birthing classes of a little boy getting circumsized. It was pretty horrific but made its point very well showing step by steo exactly how it was done.

Once, in nursing school I watched one- cried and almost passed out. It looked soo painful and I knew from there on out I would never be able to participate or spectate this procedure again.
Wow I can't believe they show a video! If you can't watch it being done thats a clue that you might not want to make your baby actually go through the procedure. I love the ideals of the pnw.

Fwiw I agree there is a tin of bashing of the medical community here. Probably most of it is waranted. However, whenever I read those posts I always have in the back of my mind that there are some seriously awesome doctors and nurses out there. Its like any other profession. DS has a lot to say about the medical community and I think I would have a hard time participating if I was reading broad (and not good!) generalizations about my profession. So while a lot may be true it sucks for you so...i guess I'm sorry about that. Lol not sure where I am going with that other than I wanted to acknowledge that I dont think you are evil because you are a nurse!
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