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Re: EC & Cloth Diapers?

For home use we used prefolds with snappis. I used prefolds with homemade pull on fleece covers, over fleece split crotch pants, by themselves, or without snappis but in a cover (homemade wool velcro or reg. store bought covers). We also used very cheap (elastic gone) fitted flannel diapers and they were some of my favs! they don't make them anymore but I would buy these again, personally if you are really dedicated to EC fulltime.

I didn't see the point in using expensive diapers marketed to regular folks. I did have a few B'Undies. 1 was waterproof and 1 was not and we LOVED these, but I can't say which EC type trainer would be like them as I don't have the funds to try the EC trainers on the market. But those would be something I would buy due to them being less absorbant, trimmer, and often you can change the insert on the waterproof ones without needing to wash it. These encourage EC more than regular AIO or super absorbant diapers.

I forgot to add I liked the AIO and ESP.!!! the snapping side trainers made just for EC when out and about. It all depended upon if I knew if the bathroom would be close by, if it was a long trip, etc. And when the child is younger having waterproof covers is needed on longer trips because you can't always pull off the road immediately. So for these situations you may like more "normal" diapers....

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