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Re: Farming/Homesteading October Chat Thread

Originally Posted by aiyana4969 View Post

Ok, gotta get back to helping kids with homework. *sigh* as much as I have to do WITH them I might as well homeschool I suppose.
haha. That was one of my arguments to homeschool when discussing it with DH. By the time I would get the kids dressed, take to school, drop off, volunteer (because I know I would be a volunteer parent), pick them up, etc... I could have a few hours of teaching in and be done for the day. The drive times alone (loading up 4 carseated children, mind you) add up too! Plus I am not a believer in homework until they get to high school and papers come into play. If kids are spending 7 hours in school, why should they come home and do more school? It frustrates me. I want for my children to help Papa, do chores, have free time to explore and play and practice hobbies. Not come home, do homework, eat supper, shower, go to bed. I get Captain Obvious' homeschooling done in 60-70 minutes (depending on crafts or experiments) and we aren't too frazzled to do gymnastics, library/park day, and his therapies (though it is only K... if he went to public school he would be in all day kindergarten 5 days a week). I get a little overwhelmed at the thought of teaching all 4 kids, but I need to take it one child at a time! Don't borrow trouble, you know?
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