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Originally Posted by DesertRat

I'm probably one who sounds like I am "bashing" the medical community. I know there are places and specific drs and nurses that are very informed, and I hate to lump everyone into the same group. Unfortunately, it's been my experience that most of the nurses or doctors who ever looked my sons during WC exams tried to retract them. Granted, that's a very small sampling of all U.S. doctors, but it's enough that it always puts me on edge when I take my boys to the doctor.

Then, you get people like Dr. Oz (who a lot of people believe represent the medical community as a whole) supporting circumcision. The AAP has to come back and get wishy washy on their circumcision stance. It irks me.

I don't think it's entirely unfair to say that, in general, the medical community is ignorant of the care and development of an intact penis and that it is biased towards circumcision.
DSKs old ped tried to retract him at his 12 mo Well Check. I freaked and pinched his foreskin and started pulling it up. She was trying to pull it back and I started screaming. She started with the " if you dont start to retract it now it can become stuck and never retract. You need to clean under it" and blah blah blah. My mouth literally fell open. I told her to get her hands off my child, left and reported her to Doctors Opposing Circ. We never went back and DOC sent that Naval Clinic a bunch of info about circ and intact care...we never went back to her.

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