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Re: TTC 30+ Oct. 8-Oct. 14

Originally Posted by TinaDeanette View Post
I haven't gotten a singe evap from the tests. I have tested negative and they've stayed that way even wen dried.

TA: I'm not trying to call you on it! I'm just wondering if something in some people's urine causes evaps?
Mine didn't do an evap either on the co-op ones. It was just stark white when I was getting my BFNs so maybe that is true that some people have something chemical that gives them evaps more then others

Originally Posted by carriek38 View Post
Hmph...line was lighter on my Answer hpt this morning, so presumably this is a chemical. I didn't even bother w/ pics b/c I had to squint so bad IRL. Anyway, I've got my beta tomorrow; if it's negative, they'll tell me to stop the Crinone & I'll get AF w/in a day or two. If by chance it's positive, I'll go in Wednesday or Thursday for another draw. I don't feel any different & I'm bummed, trying to figure out what to do next...One more IUI? Give up after that? Try IVF? I's tough to explain. Imagine if you were told you & your DH could DTD 6 times (not do it like bunnies for 6 cycles; you can go for it 6 times) & if you didn't get pg, you could give up or you could spend several thousand dollars on an unpleasant, invasive procedure that has, at best, about a 50% success rate; those are your only options...WWYD?
If I was in your shoes I would prob go another round of IUI, and then I prob would go for the IVF (if financially posssible)- I think from listening to you in your heart you want something that no one could take from you if something did happen (and I hope it never does) but ultimately its up to you. Hopefully your tests start getting daker and your beta gets high as well and you won't have to worry about it
Originally Posted by geetabean View Post
I heard that phrase in the documentary The Great Sperm Race. It is exactly what it sounds like and the theory was that men have a much larger "load" when they have gourmet sex. The longer it lasts and the more exciting it is for him, the more sperm gets sent through the tubes and released.....which ups the chances for conceiving. I've been really trying to make things "gourmet" for the increased sperm factor, but also to keep things exciting so that my DH doesn't feel like this baby making mission is work and takes priority over us enjoying the moment.

It can be as kinky as you want it to be
I don't know how mine happened this month then cause we barely even DTD never mind any gourmet DTD

Originally Posted by TonyKariTony View Post
Well, AF decided to show up a little earlier.... CD1 for me...
Sorry mama Hopefully next month will be it for you.
Originally Posted by newmommy13 View Post
Hahaha! That reminds me of that friends episode. "so you have hot girls on one hand and your favorite ice cream in the other. What do you do?" And I think joey says "put your hands together!" Lol!
I remember that episode. Too funny

Update- they confirmed my PG through a pee test at the MD but can't do the ultrasound for like 3 weeks so since I don't know my EDD (cause it could be 5-26-13 if by last cycle start date or a lot later if they go by measuring which they always do) so I guess you can put me to graduates Deanna and I'll just update my EDD when I get the ultrasound
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