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Re: Give me insight please: Former spouses and parenting

I am not a single mother but this is my opinion as a person on the outside. It isn't any of your business what she does with her free time and how she manages her work load.

I can see your point about doing all the driving for weekend visitation. But on the other hand, I imagine she has to do all the driving during the week. If the kids need to go to the doctor, she has to take care of it. Same for any extra curricular activities. In light of that fact, it is probably fair that your dh do the driving for weekend visitation. Although she could be accomodating in an instance where your car is broken.

You have posted before about the child support and how much she is getting. How she is sitting pretty. That is petty. Your husband has an obligation to support his other children. You choose not to work and in doing so there are sacrifices. It is wrong to bedgrudge your husband's ex and his children what they are due because money is tight for you.

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