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Don't do consignment stores. Do the consignment sales at places like churches, etc... It is a bit of work, but money is money. I broke even this Fall. Made just enough to cover what I bought, so I'm good with that. I don't have the space to hold on to a lot of clothes, and chances are high that even if we have another girl in the future the seasons won't match up. And besides,I will want to buy new (to me) cute clothes for future kiddos! I really only held onto pajamas that could be for any season and some cute onesies. Otherwise, it all gets sold. Now that she is bigger I'm not really saving anything.

Just be realistic when you are pricing things. Mamas that shop consignment sales are in it to find a good deal and they know what prices should be. I probably under price mine a little to be honest, but most things sold quickly so that's nice! I'd rather lose $.50 than not sale it at all, you know? Besides....if it doesn't sale I'm just going to donate it because I don't have the space to keep it. And I remember how grateful and excited I am when I score awesome deals and I like thinking that somewhere out there I've made another mama's day and she's saying, "can you believe I got this for such a great price?!"

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