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Re: Give me insight please: Former spouses and parenting

I am not divorced nor have I ever been a single mom. I have however been the child in that situation. My child's perspective(probably not very rational but how I saw it) if my dad wanted to see us he could find a way to come get us. If this was an issue he could have found a way to make his marriage work. When it comes to making a party for a younger sibling from a second marriage, well we(we were 4 kids) were here first. We, not a second wife or second family, should have been the priority. He had us first he should have considered the impact of all of this on us first.

Now as for her doing the running. Presumably she does any running the kids need Monday through Friday afternoon. The kids father only has to do the running for 2-2 1/2 days. It seems to me that then is your husbands problem. It would be nice if she helped out on those days but hardly her responsibily.
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