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Re: Give me insight please: Former spouses and parenting

The above is a valid point. I guess, if i'm being honest, if my DH left me and our kids and moved further away, then I wouldn't have a lot of sympathy for him and his communte to get the kids either. It doesn't make it right though.

My brother and his ex (g/f, never married) have a child who is almost 5 yrs old now. They haven't really been together since he was about a yr, and she moved almost an hr away, then a little closer but is still 45 minutes away on a good day. They typically meet half way for drop off and pick up and have done so for the past four years.

It stinks that it's such a long communte for him, but he didn't have to move so far away either (I get that there could be lots of reasons for that, but he knew he had kids that lived in x location and were young, so there would be many years of communting ahead of him YK?) It definitely does not make it easier for YOU though and I am so very thankful my DH (who was married for 6 yrs previously) didn't have kids with her.

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