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Re: Consigning clothes

It all depends on the consignment store whether it is worth it or not and what you're ultimately wanting.

A consignment store here in our tiny town takes anything and everything but when I asked about having them consign my stuff they'd only give me about 10% of sales and they priced stuff dirt cheap. Totally not worth it.

The consignment shop about 20 miles from us is very picky about what they accept - it has to all but look new. They price reasonably (and have mostly name brand stuff). You get 40-50% of what it sells for. It was totally worth it when I had tons of all but new baby stuff that was outgrown before it could show much wear. I got more or less garage sale pricing on stuff but none of the work of setting up a garage sale. For big stuff if I wanted to get rid of it in non garage sale season I got a decent price for the stuff but could do slightly better at a garage sale.

So ask how the consignment shop does consignments. Look around the store and judge their pricing (if you're getting a percentage) and then decide for yourself if it is worth it. I rarely consign anymore because my kids put too much wear and tear on stuff. But I made good money when I did but didn't have the hassle of pricing and selling it myself.
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