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Re: Give me insight please: Former spouses and parenting

If he lived in the same house he would owe them the best of what he had. Just because they no longer live in the same hise does not change this. They did not choose to have a broken home. It was chosen for them. You don't like having less money? You shouldn't have married a man with children. It is simple really. Supporting 2 families is in no way cheap. He chose this life. We all pay for the life we chose. Less money is often the consequences of his choices. You take the kids with you. You plan activities around them. Great. Wonderful. Presumably you would do the same for any VISITING child. They VISIT YOUR home. They are not home.

You say he left because she was verbally abusive. Great now he left his children alone to deal with a woman he says is verbally abusive. On top of that be married a woman who feels he only owes his children what he is court ordered to pay. How much is he paying for them? How would you feel if the court said he was only allowed to spend the same on your child? This money should pay for their everything. Food, clothing, shelter, medical. It isn't their mothers concern or problem you cannot work. What does that have to do with her? How much he pays out has nothing to so with her take home pay. Even if she were a milionaire he would still be required to pay child support.
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